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Grüv Design is something new.

A product design firm with a conscience. The ability to look at old problems from a fresh perspective; to discover new solutions that everyone can appreciate. Grüv Design wants to change the world for the better, one small piece at a time.


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Form + Function + Real Life

Industrial design is our passion. Remember the kids you knew growing up that were always building stuff, modifying things, and coming up with new ideas? In a nutshell, that is what we do. Blending together form, ergonomics, usability, engineering, marketing, and brand identity, we can help you visualize your idea into something tangible. Something real.

In order to get to that stage though, we start with ideation sketches. These rough drawings let us quickly explore many possibilities, and develop innovative solutions that help your product succeed. Nailing the details is accomplished by a series of 2d renderings and rough CAD models, which can then be taken to a final 3d model, good enough for rapid prototyping.

We know we can't please everyone, so if you have something you need, please email us! If we can't handle your request, we can find other independent designers and firms in the area that are happy to get your business.


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We can rock it new school, with the latest in technology...


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Or we can rock it old school, with paper, pencils, pens, and prismas.