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Grüv Design is something new.

A product design firm with a conscience. The ability to look at old problems from a fresh perspective; to discover new solutions that everyone can appreciate. Grüv Design wants to change the world for the better, one small piece at a time.


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About Grüv Design

Founded in 2009 and based in SouthEastern Wisconsin, we are small, but powerful. Our strength comes from our ability to work cooperatively with other independent design firms and award-winning designers. We don't want to compete - we want to work together, push each other farther, and design products that stand out from the crowd.

Latest Projects


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Award-winning young designers with fresh ideas; eager to make a name for themselves by making a name for you.



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Bamboo Drying Rack; 3rd Place in the International Greener Gadgets contest, hosted in New York City, 2009